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High Definition TV

HDTV—High Definition Television—produces startlingly sharp, vivid pictures in dazzling color on sleek flat screens. High definition has 10 times the clarity of your old, standard, analog TV.

Coupled with brilliant Dolby Digital Surround Sound, your entertainment experience becomes movie quality in your living room. Once you’ve experienced it, you’re spoiled.

Our selection of TVs ranges from 13-inch kitchen counter-top sets to 100 inches and greater in a range of brands and competitive prices. A choice of expertly programmed universal remotes makes it a breeze to record, fast-forward, pause and access music and Movies On Demand.

NorthShore Audio/Video professional installers are seasoned experts. They are electronic system contractors who make neat, short work of wiring, coordinating today’s sophisticated systems, wall-mounting your TV, installing speakers, programming your remote and customizing your entire system. And they are always available to troubleshoot and solve their customers’ problems.

Today’s TVs are better than you ever imagined.